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Hans Engel

Hans Engel
Basic Info
Alias(es) The German menace,
Alignment chaotic evil
Race Caucasian
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday April 20th
Blood Type Type O
Main Ability Mythical Bestiary
Personal Data
Birthplace Flint, Michigan
Nationality Germanic-American
Affiliation(s) Korr Ashford, Amy Scott
Occupation(s) Part-time nazi, full-time asshole. the leader of the 4th Reich. 
His Base of Operations He used to work out of flint Michigan. now he works out of LA, California.


At an early age, Hans learned of what his great uncle, Adolf Hitler, did. while living in Detroit throughout high school, Hans was introduced to a friend's friend, His name was Korr Ashford. Thus marking the beginning of a long and very strange rivalry. 



While he wears his uniform most of the time, sometimes dresses in street, casual clothes to blend in with the American swine.



Likes: Red things (mostly blood), German stuff, bratwurst, Dogs

Dislikes: Americans (their swine), Fishsticks, Cats, 

Hobbies: Fighting people, Killing American swine,




  • His rifle
  • His pistol
  • His sword
  • His ring
  • His germanic ring


Most of his combat is weapon based. from pistols to rifles to swords. he can work them all.


  • Is still moral
  • He can get really cocky at times. it leaves him open for an attack.


  • will admit his great uncle went too far with the holocaust. 
  • Korr and him may be rivals, but they are actually really good friends. 
  • He inherited his ring from his father. 

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