Name: Unknown

Other Aliases: BOB, A friend



Personality Traits:  Mysterious, Weird, Odd, 

Age: Unknown

Personal Quotes: I'm a friend, Call me BOB, I'm here to help you.......change something

Theme SongHis jam

alignment: unknown

Calling Card: None

Weapons: His wit, His fists

Powers: PrecognitionFuture ManipulationAlternate Future DisplayChrono VisionHacking Intition

Weaknesses: Fixed points, Heavy Firewalls, 

Attire: Unknown

Bio: While his origin, Name, and Motive is unknown. BOB somehow can see into the future. 

Useful Information:

Will contact Allies in weird ways: from text messages from numbers that would disconnect after use, to facebook messages from random facebook friends.

He is a master Hacker.

Has a small dick

somehow Korr hacked this, the one above is not true.