Azrael and Orsiris: Azrael and orsiris are korr's dual swords. With both of them being marmeluke, They match korr's quick and sharp  fighting style. 

Theatrics attire: Since Korr is a young adult, He mostly wears t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. Just about every outfit in his closet has the ability to activate his armor. To avoid messing up suit, they can't activate the armor.  

farseeing goggles:The farseeing goggles are a pair of goggles that allow Korr to map out his surroundings and access his database in the field.

time wrist watch: the watch. gear one allows Korr to choose the time he travels to. Gear two is for choosing the date, gear three is for the country he lands in. and gear four, which is only unlocked in dimension mode, allows Korr to choose the dimension he travels to. by turning the stub, Korr switches between time mode and dimension mode. when Korr pushes the stub back into place, he is sent to the destination he has chosen.