• KiraYukimura

     Santana Mendoza is born from a being that rules over Limbo, a Hellish place where souls to be pured before entering Paradise. Santana was born on earth in Los Angeles and later discovered his powers shortly after his foster parents were murdered. 

    • Sorcery – Santana is the Supreme sorcerer of his dimension. The extent of her powers there are all powerful and powerful demons of Limbo did not dare challenge her. Santana has access to his father's mystical knowledge and objects that enhances his powers. Santana's sorcery is a unique mix. He has studied black magic, that he learned from his father, and white magic that was taught by his ex-lover, Malachi. He has easily subdued powerful people in his dimension and is capable of casting binding sp…

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  • KiraYukimura

     Maryse Lovelott, born as Angrboda in the early Viking Age. After her village was raided, she made a deal with the goddess, Frejya, to enact her revenge upon men. The goddess in turn transformed her into a Valkyrie to send the souls of men to Valhalla.

    • Valkyrie Physiology
      • Supernatural Condition 
    • Reincarnation
    • Death Sense
    • Invisibility
    • Probability Manipulation
    • Soul Manipulation
    • Weapon Proficiency
    • Fear Inducement
    • Death Inducement
    • Wing Manifestation
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  • KiraYukimura

     Lorelle Tyrelle is a faerie creature who is apart of the Immortal Garden Crew and joined after she left the Fae Realm. She is the daughter of a prominent and powerful war family that held much land in her realm. She is currently the maidservant of the Immortal Garden, but often wastes her time having conversations with other crew members or flirting with others. 

    Lorelle Tyrelle lived in a realm called the Fae growing up that was on the brink of a civil war. Lorelle's family were very influential and prominent figures that help orchestrate the future war by building a rebellion army against the monarchy at the time. Lorelle herself was rarely affected by the war until it broke out so suddenly. Death surrounded her as each member of her fam…

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  • KiraYukimura

     Dahaliah is an angelic creature who is apart of the Immortal Garden Crew and joined after she gained her powers back after they were given to her. She was a former Guardian Angel who Fell from grace after she fell in love with a human. She is currently the warden of the Immortal Garden. 

    Dahaliah is an angel who Fell from grace after falling in love with a human named Jeremiah. As punishment for her sins, she was forced to relive her life and be reborn as a human infant on Earth. As she grew up and aged, she forgot her life as an angel and lived out a regular mortal life. However, there were some instances when she would occassionally have flashbacks of her angelic life or would preform magic without even realizing it. 

    A band of angels call…

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