"Robot...? No...cyborg."

― Kartel to the Android Master

Kartel Faried is one of the Android Master's prototype creations, a mistake made by those in BioTech. His control panel, programming, and many of his functions were fused with a human, his CPU being placed in the human's brain, causing Kartel to become a cyborg. His hunger for vengeance and his hatred for the Master and his creations lead him to search for him through any measures necessary, even through genocide of his androids. He was blackmailed into becoming the personal bounty hunter of Mask, an underground arms dealer, in return for information on the Master, and chances to kill some of his creations. Kartel eventually took on the alias Droid.







Kartel is equipped with full mech armor, two gloves made from solidified uranium, a bulletproof cloak, and a highly advanced prototype mask. He is rarely seen without this due to his lack of sociability. However, his alter ego usually sports long, black hair, tied in a messy man-bun, with accompanies his strong jaw and goatee. Faried wears skin-tight shirts that reveal his chest and shoulder muscles, and baggy black pants.

Frame-wise, Kartel has large muscles, the build of a fit Wide Receiver. His legs are noticeably smaller than his upper body, but is made up for by the SpeedTech placed in the legs of the armor set.

Theme Songs

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Kartel is very close-minded, apathetic, and hot-blooded. He has no interest in forming friendships and bonds, rendering him hard-nosed in the face of business and revenge. Faried wants nothing more than to kill the Android Master for rejecting him, and focuses strongly on that with no remorse for those he kills in the process. When working with others, he is often noted as "the hardest to work with" due to lack of cooperation in the face of danger and operations. Therefore, Kartel is a lone wolf.


Vengeance, "Justice" (his definition), Progress, Money


Socializing, Slackers, Other Androids


Kartel has absolutely no hobbies, since he only cares about getting the job done.


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  • Retractable Right Arm Two-Tong Claw
  • Retractable Left Arm Sabre
  • BioTech© Mask
    • Night Vision
    • Cooldown System
  • Spiked Boots (Retractable)
  • BioTech© Mech Armor






  • XXX


  • Having a human brain overtaken by a CPU, Kartel lacks all empathy and emotion other than vengeance and rage.
  • Kartel is close-minded enough to avoid large-scale powers that don't affect him, and focuses more on personal wars.


  • Due to working underground and vandalizing the work of a well-respected scientist, Kartel is an enemy of the UF government.
  • Kartel was originally supposed to be the head of the government's military, but turned it down due to "Lack of interest to overtake the Thai."