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  • I live in flo rida
  • I was born on September 18
  • I am based god
  • King Kuda

    RVCS: Kartel Faried

    December 20, 2015 by King Kuda


    "Robot...? No...cyborg."

    ― Kartel to the Android Master

    Kartel Faried is one of the Android Master's prototype creations, a mistake made by those in BioTech. His control panel, programming, and many of his functions were fused with a human, his CPU being placed in the human's brain, causing Kartel to become a cyborg. His hunger for vengeance and his hatred for the Master and his creations lead him to search for him through any measures necessary, even through genocide of his androids. He was blackmailed into becoming the personal bounty hunter of Mask, an underground arms dealer, in return for information on the Master, and chances to kill some of his creations. Kartel eventually took on the alias Droid.

    Kartel is equipped with full mech arm…

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  • King Kuda

    this exists

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  • King Kuda

    Character Sheet: Isaac Rose

    November 22, 2015 by King Kuda


    "Jesus Christ, you're a mess."

    ― Pretty much everyone to Isaac

    Isaac Rose is a street orphan located in New Orleans, Louisiana in the year 2115. Due to the loss of his comrades and the rough ends with his family, he lives alone in his old shelter. His only "occupations" are thievery and underground information brokering, and because he is friendly with most of the New Orleans Upper Class, it's near impossible to find a do-able raiding area. Due to these difficulties, along with the fact that he is most  likely a target, Isaac is equipped with a sniper rifle, dual revolvers, electric brass knuckles, minor explosives, and many, many more. Being surrounded by blacks and standing as the only white person in his old group, Isaac earned the nickn…

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