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    Graham Videns

    July 27, 2016 by Kilel


    Graham Videns

    Basic Info
    Eipthet Oculo Supra

    Alias(es) Dick, Gum, Snoop
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Race Empowered Human
    Gender Male
    Age 27
    Height  6' 0"
    Weight 167 lbs.
    Birthday 05/16/1989
    Blood Type A-
    Abilities Pschometry

    Short-Term Precognition

    Talents CQC Expert

    Knife Expert

    Personal Data
    Birthplace Syracuse, New York
    Nationality American
    Affiliation(s) Videns Solutions
    Occupation(s) Private Investigator
    Hair color Dark Brown
    Eye color Green
    Equipment 2x - Butterfly knives hidden in his Trench Coat

    Graham Videns is an Original Character by Kilel.  


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