Eldritch abomination by vibgyorc6-d4vi5sl
Species Name:The Great Weird Ones

Aliases:The Mysterious Ones, The Real Gods

Base of Operations:The Nexus

Body Shape:varied, can range from humanoid to animalistic to physically impossible to inconceivably bizarre.

Age:Older than the Multiverse

Standard Powers:Life Creation,Omnilock,Personal Domain,Power Manifestation,Impossible Physiology,Higher-Dimensional Abomination Physiology

Origin and history:

The Great Weird Ones are a group comprising the earliest life forms to have ever existed, over the eons, they acquired enough power to transcend all know concepts and become supreme beings.

Since then, they started to manipulate the Multiverse from the shadows, shaping it to their wills, they're equally capable of causing miracles or disasters.

Those who manage to get noticed by The Great Weird Ones become gifted with great powers, but at the cost of serving them eternally, those beings are commonly named agents or heralds.


The Great Weird Ones thought process is completely alien, they lack anything resembling a moral code or even a sense of right and wrong, those beings only have two things in common:being older than anyone else and practising a pseudo philosophy/religion, but not much is know about it.