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Tommy wiseau by neverwinterphoenix-d32eaqn
Name:Tommy Wiseau

Aliases:The dude who made The Room, Tommy Wittux

Age:either 47 or 60 years old

Alignment:Who the hell care, seriously?

Theme:You're tearing me apart,Lisa!

Powers:Laughter Inducement,Annoyance Inducement,Legendary Form(see trivia)

Quotes:"Oh,hi Mark."

              "You're tearing me apart, Lisa !"

Summary:He is the realisator of The Room and has a mysterious past, but who would have thought he had superpowers?

Trivia:-his main weapon is a football that he can kick at great speeds.

-Tommy has acces to an alternate form called Tommy Wittux, in this state, his abilities are boosted and he is dressed in a tuxedo.

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