Names:Yakov, Isaac and Waldot

Aliases:The creeps brothers, the terrible trio

Age:early 30's

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral (all of them)

Theme:The creep-Lonely Island

Powers:All of them:Unnoticeability,Psychic Shadow,Tracking Evasion,Enhanced Vision,X-Ray Vision,Night Vision

Quotes:"Perverts do prosper, we're proof of this."


Summary:Yakov, Isaac and Waldot have always been a bunch of creepy, slimmy perverts, One day,they met Yurlungur who asked them what was their desire, they told him"being able to peep on people unnoticed and escaping retribution."And so Yurlungur granted them their wish. 

Trivia:-despite their personalities, they are mostly harmless.

-they represent the concept of power perversion potential.

-They could be everywhere,even close to you and you won't even notice them, at all.