Aliases:Bad luck Carl, patient 343

Age:mid 30's

Alignment:True Neutral when not possessed

Theme:Clint Eastwood-Gorillaz

Powers:Mind Hive,Jinxed,Weird Attack,Ignorant Limitation Transcendence

Quotes:"would you mind helping me, please?"

             "Why do this always happens to me!?"

Summary:Carl has always been a normal dude except for two things:he had a tendency to suffers from demonic possession and attracts spirits inside him.His parents decided to lock him up in a mental asylum, after spending several years here, he managed to escape and has been on the run ever since.

Trivia:-His eyes are pitch black due to being possessed.

-he is based on 2D from Gorillaz and Zappa from Guilty Gear.

-He can only use the powers of the spirit who is currently possessing him at the time.

-He has several spirits inside his mind, which include a giant horned demon named Carol,an elephant ghost, a giant spectral hand, a few dozen wisps, etc.


Spec hand:

Elephant ghost by deandemaro-d47ccy2
elephant ghost: