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Character sheet 7


Aliases:Tom, the Dark Lord, Emperor Evulz

Age:several hundreds if not thousands of years old. 

Alignment:Lawful Evil


Powers:Death Aspect Manifestation,Dark Lord,Unbound Soul,Chronolock,Non-Corporeal Form

Quotes:"Prepare to face my wrath!"

"I am many things, you see, but down here, I make the rules, down here, I am God !"

Summary:Born in an alternate universe under the name Tom, Evulz was originally a defender of justice, but after destroying his universe equivalent of the Devil, he had to replace it so to maintain the cosmic balance.This event changed his personality forever and not for the best, after conquering his own universe, Evulz decided to invade the other ones.

Trivia:-So far, he is the only person capable of treathening the Great Weird Ones. 

-he has excellent knowledge of magic and futuristic technology.

-He is more evil than Hitler and Staline combined.

-Nobody know what his face looks like.

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