Aliases:The Albuquerque Predator, Diablos

Age:early 30's

Alignment:Chaotic Evil

Theme:Don't mess with me-Temposhark

Powers:Temporal Healing,Immortality(possibly)Killing Instinct,Psychological Intuition(limited)

Quotes:"You have a nice body miss inspector, and trust me, I know what i'm talking about."

              "Me, a sick bastard? I would prefer the term"mentally deviant" but whatever.

Summary:Alberto used to be a prolific serial killer and serial rapist until he was captured by the police in a bloody confrontation.Soon after that, he was sentenced to death, however, neither lethal injection nor hanging and the electric chair managed to kill him, so he was taken by the government to have his powers analyzed.

Trivia:-Why he became like that is a mystery,the fact that Allberto gives a different reason every time someone asks him doesn't help either.

-Despite his appearance, he is a big eater.

-He is very good at breaking his victims physically and mentally.