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Character sheet 3

Hello by rainbow apocalypse

Aliases:Petey, white demon, that creepy bastard

Age:Several years old chronologically.

Alignment:Chaotic Evil

Theme:Das tier in mir-E Nomine

Powers:Tulpa Physiology,Unnatural Presence,Body Manipulation(self-only),Fear Inducement,Predator Instinct,Alien Mind

Quotes:"It's the right of the strong to kills and bully the weak."

"The last human i ate was so meh, I hope this one will taste better."

Summary:Pete basically act like a shoulder devil to Kevin, suggesting him to do depraved crimes like rape or cannibalism, but Kevin generally don't listen to his advices.He doesn't care much about anything beside eating and being monstruous.Originally, he was an imaginary friend that Kevin created a long time ago but was made real by Kevin's powers.After helping to kill his family, he decided to follows him from that day on.

Trivia:-he likes pancakes and meat, especially human meat.

-his voice is similar to Tim Curry.

-he is often seen doing yoga poses.

-he is quite tall when standing upright.


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