Hello by rainbow apocalypse

Aliases:Petey,that creepy bastard

Age:Several months old.

Alignment:True Neutral

Theme:Das tier in mir-E Nomine

Powers:Power Bestowal,Energy Attacks,Energy Shield,Mind Control,Alien Mind,Healing Factor(expert level)

Quotes:"I only want to learn more about the world,If you provoke me however,do not expect any pity."

"What do you think the meaning of life is,Kevin?."

Summary:Pete is a mysterious creature that follows Kevin around since he is the closest thing he has to a parent. His behavior fluctuates between that of a wild animal to a philosopher with a vivid imagination. Is extremely intelligent for his age.

Trivia:-he likes pancakes and meat.

-He has the same power than Kevin,but slighty more powerful. He can't share his healing factor with him for some reasons.

-he is often seen doing yoga poses and grining.

-he is quite tall when standing upright.