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Name:José Montoya

Aliases:The Unorthodox sorcerer,the last of the Montoya Line

Powers:Magic,Esoteric Flame Manipulation,Esoteric Earth Manipulation,Supernatural Condition,

Abilities:Escape Artistry,Interrogation Intuition,Vehicle Intuition,Feral Mind,Indomitable Will

Alignment:Chaotic Good

Age:late 20's

Affiliation:The Montoya Family(formely),The Earthblood (currently)


Theme Song:Bleach OST 3#4 Clavar la Espada

Quotes:"Zeus! I won't stop until you've paid for all the sins you've commited,like the death of my father!"

"What are you doing to these people,you scum?!" (to a rogue mage about to commits human sacrifices)

Archetypes:Dashing Hispanic,Best Served Cold ,Determinator ,Unskilled But Strong ,Hot Blooded ,Destructive Saviour ,The Berserker (when he is really really angry)