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Marchetti old man s
Name:Zeus-Peter Lama

Aliases:The greatest artist of our time,My benefactor(by those who serve him)

Powers:Magic,Animation,Creation,Spell Destabilization,Spell Negation,Transmutation,Alchemy,Curse inducement,Contract Bestowal

Abilities:Supernatural Charisma,Supernatural Intelligence(temporary),Luck,Artistic Intuition,Magic Intuition(possibly)

Alignment:Neutral Evil

Age:Unknow(looks in his 70's) 

Affiliation:The Wizards Order

Occupation:famous artist,millionaire,member of the Wizards Order

Theme Song:Franco Piersanti-Corto Maltese,Proprio Lui


"I'm not going to beat around the bush: I am a genius.I would not be one if I did not know, moreover.I made myself know at the age of 15 years by my paintings on black soap. at 20, I carved on straw.At 22, I colored the Danube.At 25, I packed the statue of Liberty in flypaper.At 30, I had finished my first set of liquid honey busts."

"It fascinates me.(when asked why he would want to observes someone commits suicide)"

Archetypes:Mad Artist ,Villain With Good Publicity ,Bad Samaritan ,Born Lucky ,Born Winner ,Bitch In Sheep's Clothing ,Insufferable Genius

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