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Aliases:Agent 666,Eclipse's most powerful asset,The Blue Emperor(demonic alias)

Powers:Sealed Form,True Form,Demonic Element Manipulation,Dark Arts,Darkness Manipulation,Demon Physiology,Supernatural Regeneration(In sealed form),Ultimate Regeneration,Transcendent Demon Physiology(at full power)  

Abilities:Apathy,Pain Suppresion,Enchanced Memory,One-Man Army,Fear Inducement,Killing Instinct(true form),Predator Instinct(true form),Authority(true form),Paranormal Expertise

Alignment:Lawful Neutral,Lawful Evil in true form

Age:At least several hundreds years old

Affiliation:Eclipse organisation

Occupation:unwilling member of Eclipse,former demon king

Theme Song:Catgroove-Parov Stelar  

Quotes:"Humans are the lowest forms of sentient beings in existence."

"I am an demon unlike any other in this world,the Blue Emperor of Hell Forneus."

Archetypes:The Dreaded,Smug Super,Person Of Mass Destruction,Badass,Deadpan Snarker,Human Are Insects ,Combat Pragmatist,Hunter Of His Own Kind,Card Carrying Villain,Power Limiter ,Jerkass,