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Character sheet 2


Aliases:The Unloved, Kev

Age:early 20's

Alignment: either Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil


Powers:Psychic Energy Manipulation,Apathy,Psychic Combat,Telekinetic Combat,One-Man Army

Quotes:"Humanity is overrated"


              "Do it look like I care?"

Summary:A sociopathic and not very talkative man,Kevin has always been different and wondered why.When his powers manifested for the first time, he used them to kill his own family with the help of his "friend" Pete and get away with it. Currently, he's leading a criminal and hedonistic livestyle, hoping to find the meaning of his existence.

Trivia:-Kevin ethnicity is pretty ambiguous, but he is implied to be biracial.

-Kevin likes chocolate but hates candy.

-He is a fan of The incredible Hulk and Rambo.

-Kevin fighting style his a mix between kick-boxing and Krav-Maga.

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