Aliases:Mister K, public enemy n°1

Age:early 20's

Alignment:Neutral Evil

Theme:Stardust Crusaders OST:Departure

Powers:Energy Attacks,Energy Shields,Mind Control,Tactical Analysis

Quotes:"Evil is merely a list of behaviors considered forbidden by society,you can't use that term to define someone."


              "If people followed my line of thinking,the world would be a better place."

Summary:Kevin used to be your average store clerk,until one day,he found a strange egg at his doorstep. He named the being that hatched from this egg "Pete",later he learned that Pete was some sort of familiar and that he could share powers with him. At this point,Kevin thought that maybe,his life would finally stop being so shitty.

Trivia:-Kevin got his tactical skills from playing Pokemon..

-Kevin likes chocolate but hates candy.

-His energy attacks can destroy even a fortified building and his forcefield can block anti-tank weaponry.

-His mind-control ability only works on weak minds.