Aliases:The Antechrist,Heartless Murdoc

Age:early 40's

Alignment:Chaotic Evil

Theme:I am all of me-Crush 40

Powers:Jungian Archetype Mimicry,Mindscape Materialization(see trivia),Killing Intent,Business Intuition

Quotes:"Hello brother,it's been a long time."

              "you think you're in one of those stories where the good guys always win, dont you? Well, it ain't that kind of stories."

Summary:Murdoc is Carl's half brother, unlike him, he managed to hide his powers and avoid getting locked up in an asylum.Years later, Murdoc became the CEO of a powerful corporation, but behind this aspect of civility and social success, there is an absolute nihilistic misanthrope who wants nothing more than to see the human race eradicated.According to him, he simply waits for the perfect opportunity.

Trivia:-Murdoc can materialize something similar to a Reality Marble, it's a dimension called Avīci and represent Murdoc's desire to make the human race suffer.Not only said dimension looks pretty much like Hell,it doesn't seems to have limits.Inside Avīci,Murdoc can spawn an unlimited number of demons and tortures devices.

-Murdoc doesn't have much control over his Jungian powers due to their nature, however, it would be a bad idea to underestimate him.