Aliases:The Golden Warrior, The Savior of the century

Age:early 30's

Alignment:Manly Good

Theme:Holy Thunderforce-Rhapsody of Fire

Powers:Supernatural Strength,Supernatural Durability,Supernatural Speed,Badassery,Ambition Manipulation,Sonic Breath

Quotes:"step aside folks, I got this."

            "You talk too much and you think too much! Let your heart speaks for yourself!"

Summary:One of the mightiest warrior in Adighan,Rai is man who's hobby is killing dragons and looking good when doing it.Despite his vanity, Rai's heart is always in the right place.

Trivia:-One of the most common questions people ask him is why he doesn't wears much pants.

-He can knock people out with his sheer awesomeness. 

-Like all singers and musicians in Adighan,he can use the power of music for various effects, the style he uses is called "Power Metal".