Aliases:The Annihilator, The Horned Demon


Alignment:Manly Evil

Theme:Son of Odin-Manowar

Powers:Necromancy,Badassery,Barbarianism,Combat Empowerment,Ambition Manipulation,Fearlessness

Quotes:"Is there anybody who can provides me with a good challenge!?

              "You pathetic wimp! Killing you would be just as easy as smacking a baby!

Summary:Korr is a death lord from a far away land banished to the world of Adighan by his peers, instead of returning, he decided to stay here and satisfy his bloodlust by killing whoever can put a fight with him.His goal is to find an opponent who is superior to him in every way.

Trivia:-As you can see, he is a total badass.

-Korr despise the weak and the good-hearted.

-He can knock people out with his sheer awesomeness.