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Character sheet 16


Aliases:The Annihilator, The Horned Demon


Alignment:Manly Evil

Theme:Son of Odin-Manowar

Powers:Necromancy,Badassery,Barbarianism,Combat Empowerment,Ambition Manipulation,Fearlessness

Quotes:"Is there anybody who can provides me with a good challenge!?

              "You pathetic wimp! Killing you would be just as easy as smacking a baby!

Summary:Korr is a death lord from a far away land banished to the world of Adighan by accident, instead of returning to his realm, he decided to stay here and satisfy his bloodlust by killing whoever can put a fight with him.His goal is to find an opponent who is superior to him in every way.

Trivia:-As you can see, he is a total badass.

-Korr despise the weak and the good-hearted.

-He can knock people out with his sheer awesomeness. 

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