Aliases:The Collector,The Dollmaker

Age:over 100 years old

Alignment:Neutral Evil

Theme:Come out and Play

Powers:Doll Manipulation,Disguise Mastery,Weapon Improvisation,Psychological Intuition

Quotes:"Don't be so sad, you're going to be with me forever, as part of my collection, that is."

              "Sometimes, I wish I could be like any ordinary old man.Hell, I tried several times, but my bad habits always returns."

Summary:Nothing much is know about The Dollmaker, but he always had an obsession about little girls,he loved them so much in fact, that he used his powers to turns them into dolls and kept them with him forever.His method was very effective, he tricked little girls into helping him, then he kidnapped them, turned them into dolls and when the police started investigating, he simply disappeared for years only to repeat the same thing.Nobody know where he is currently. 

Trivia:-He acquired a few useful skills during his long life.Notably in fighting and acting.

-He is such a good liar, he can fool even a polygraph.

-Although, his ability is quite powerful, The Dollmaker is physically weak due to old age.