Aliases:The Dark Mistress, Queen of black magic

Age:several centuries old

Alignment:Chaotic Evil

Theme:End of All Hope-Nightwish

Powers:Absolute Illusion,Mystic Vampire Physiology,Pain Magic,Assailant

Quotes:"You filthy scum! How dare you disrespect our emperor!? I'll kill you!

              "Oh yess, I like the way you scream, entertain me more hahahahahah!

Summary:One of Evulz most powerful generals, Violet was born in a family of strong magicians and willingly went through vampirization to gain more powers.When Evulz took control of earth, Violet decided to join his army because she found him interesting to say the least.

Trivia:-It's implied Violet is in Love with Emperor Evulz.

-She is widely disliked by the others generals.

-Violet likes to use her charm to lure her victims into a false sense of security.