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Character sheet 12

Christian-Cordella-GI-Joe-Rise-Of-Cobra-Cobra-Commander 1387182870

Aliases:Holtzhacker,Dr. Crazystein

Age:in his 80's

Alignment:Neutral Evil

Theme:Dies Irae-Mad Max Version

Powers:Supernatural Intelligence,Assailant,Technomagic(advanced level),Ultimate Regeneration

Quotes:"For the last time, I am not crazy!"

              "Some people say, it's better to have science on your side.Others say magic.I said, why not have both?"

Summary:One of Evulz most powerful generals, Stembert is a genius who managed to combine modern technology and magic to makes wonders.Stembert wants to be remembered forever for his intellect.

Trivia:-He has a noticeable German accent.

-Most, if not all devices used by Evulz minions and soldiers were created by him.

-Stembert doesn't like being called crazy or stupid.

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