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Raging minotaur by chekydotstudio-d545j7c

Aliases:Raging Bull, The Brute, Hair-Trigger

Age:late 40's-early 50's

Alignment:Neutral Evil

Theme:Asshole-Denis Leary

Powers:Minotaur Physiology,Enhanced Assassination

Quotes:"Don't fuck with me, you dipshit!"

              "It's prime time, bitch!"

Summary:A man with an unpleasant and volcanic temper,Bruno was a hitman working for the italian mafia until the day he got nearly killed in a drunk fight, he gained the ability to turn into a giant minotaur at will.Since then, Bruno decided to become the most powerful crime lord in the country, if not the whole world.

Trivia:-His personality his based on Frank Booth, Tony Montana and Tommy DeVito.

-He is over 10 feet tall in his minotaur form.

-He is incredibly sexist and bigoted.

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