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Aliase:High priest of the Great Weird Ones

Age:Unknown, implied to be older than Earth

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

Theme:Ola K Ase

Powers:Reality Warping,Cartoon Physics,Unpredictability,Alien Mind

Motto:"There is no good or evil, only hedonism and those who seek it "

Quotes:"Money equals power, power equals five celery sticks, you don't need to be a genius to know that "

"Swan dive! Giant asparagus! 

Summary:Nobody know what the heck Yurlungur is but according to him, he serves a bunch of powerful beings called "The Great Weird Ones", he is also more annoying than a mentally retarded stoner.

Yurlungur goal in life seems to be trying to convert people to his religion, said religion is about doing things "for the lulz", if you see him, you can be sure trouble is going to follow.

Trivia:-His voice is a mix between Goofy and Eddie Murphy. 

-his power level is unknow, but he did says once that he can turn the universe upside down and make celestial bodies and structures into his bitches.

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