Esmeralda's day went normaliy just like everyday, but the day she was gonna have, is something she will never forget and will keep with her for the rest of her life. But if Esmeralda can't control this power is will be a very horrible torture for her. (Note just so you know, in my story it takes place in the 21st centery.)

As the sun a rose and shined through Esmeralda's window she began to awakin still a little sleepy. Esmeralda was so happen to be half-naked in her bed after a night with Phobeus. Esmeralda slowly got up from bed and started to walk into the living room right after grabing her robe so she could at least be clothed while she walk around the house.

"Wow, i've think i've should have combed my hair before i got out of bed" Esmeralda said looking into the mirror that was on the fridge. She then realised that Phobeus was gone.

"Wait a minute, where Pheobeus?!" She said with both confusion and surprise. Esmeralda then felt of "certain" pair of hands grab on to her butt playfully.

Esmeralda have jolted forward a bit, blushed a deep red, and clenched her eyes only for two seconds. Esmeralda then realised it was Phobeus. She giggled slightly at the gesture and turned to greet her husband.

"Well... Monring Phobeus how are you today?" She asked shyly.

"I'm doing fine and you, sweet heart?" Pheobeus asked back suductivily.

"Good, i'm doing good, sweetie" Esmeralda said touching his face then, all of a sudden, he felt lust and sexual desires for Esmeralda. He then put both hands around her waist then back on her butt, and began to kiss her neck all over. Esmeralda even stared to enjoy this more even though she didn't know what made him go off like this.

[Okay, yeah, i know it may be a little a rushed and not that good for the first chapter but i was in a rush to go somewhere else and i had to get this finish.]