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Kemetri D Jackkson

aka Kemetri Sire

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on June 23
  • I am Male
  • Kemetri D Jackkson


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  • Kemetri D Jackkson

    This is so I can sort and keep up with the powers I had for a character I made.

    • Love Manipulation
    • Addictive Contentment
    • Pheromone Manipulation: The user has complete control over the pheromones, a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species, of oneself and others, including releasing pheromones that induce attraction between subjects (or within a subject for oneself), to exuding pheromones strong enough to induce sleep, change emotions and draw crowds.

      Pheromones may induce a pleasure, or may put subjects into a state of high suggestibility (either of which is useful for limited mind control). Other uses of these pheromones can be used to mark territory (causing people to feel the compuls…

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  • Kemetri D Jackkson

    Some may have seen or at least heard of a show called My Little Echo is a warrior, survivor and fighter, and she'll go through unbelievable odds to prove that to her friends, famiy, peers, and even her rivals and sometimes even her most hated enemies she goes up against everyday which she faces in her everyday life as herself, and the enemies wrong doers can be from criminals to other warriors such as herself, villians, killers, strong creatures, and sometimes even mighty heroes who may just claim themselves to be heroes, but aren't heroes at all in many cases. Echo usually trains as much as she can to further improve of her combat skills, and outmatch any threat that tries to do harm to her, her friends or family.

    Echo was some what of a l…

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  • Kemetri D Jackkson

    Esmeralda's day went normaliy just like everyday, but the day she was gonna have, is something she will never forget and will keep with her for the rest of her life. But if Esmeralda can't control this power is will be a very horrible torture for her. (Note just so you know, in my story it takes place in the 21st centery.)

    As the sun a rose and shined through Esmeralda's window she began to awakin still a little sleepy. Esmeralda was so happen to be half-naked in her bed after a night with Phobeus. Esmeralda slowly got up from bed and started to walk into the living room right after grabing her robe so she could at least be clothed while she walk around the house.

    "Wow, i've think i've should have combed my hair before i got out of bed" Esme…

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