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Rouge/Mage Hybrid

hey everyone over the past few days I was going over RPG Classes, and I need a little help with something.

Im sure you guys know the Main three types:

  • Warriors: Experts in Close Combat
  • Rouges: Masters in the art of Stealth
  • Mages: Scholers in the field of Magic

Well I was also going through the Hybrids of these classes:

  • Assassins: (a Warrior/Rouge hybrid) can work upclose or in the shadows
  • Battlemage: (a Mage/Warrior hybrid) uses magic to achive combat skills greater then any other

well I cant seem to find a proper one for a Rouge/Mage hybrid

Some Ideas:

  • Trickster: uses magic to upset the lives of others
  • Strider: Archers who use magic to alter their skills

what do you think?

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