"I do extensive research"
― Aryan Lincoln
Aryan Lincoln
Real Name Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Species Humans
Gender Male
Age 32
Ethnicity Tamilian (South Indian)
Birthday April 19,19xx
Blood Type AB+ve
Personal Data
Birthplace Somewhere in Canada
Aliases Arata; Olivier Hunter;
Occupation Radio Jockey
Base of Operations Magenta City, Canada
Family Nicholas Lincoln(Adopted Father, deceased); Annabelle Lincoln (Adopted Mother, deceased); Zachary Helsing (Adopted Brother); Ronald Jackson (Adopted Father, deceased); Catherine Jackson (Adopted Mother, deceased) ; Victoria Jackson (Adopted Sister/Legal Guardian, deceased); Tyler Warlock (Brother-in-law, deceased); Jennifer Warlock (Tyler's Sister); Sinead Trent (Wife); Artemis Westood Jr. (Brother-in-law, deceased); Felix Lincoln (Son); Felicia Lincoln (Daughter); Cassette Holmes (Niece); Wesley Swart (Son-in-law);
Favorite Food French Fries
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Height 166 cm
Weight 56 kg
Powers Energy Solidification
Likes Photography; Australian Cricket Team; Magenta Mavericks (Football Team); Antoine Griezmann (Football player); Trunks (DBZ)

Football [Apps(goals)]

Magenta Mavericks U18s - 20(12)

Weapon Energy Blade
Fighting style Berserker
Warsongs The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix) Music - League of Legends04:51

Warsongs The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix) Music - League of Legends

Aryan Lincoln


Aryan was abandoned by his original family at the age of 2. He was found by Nicholas Lincoln, a famous gun manufacturer. For 3 years, he and his wife were unable to have a baby, so they adopted the child.

Miraculously, a year later, they were able to have a child of their own flesh and blood and named him Zachary. Nothing much is known about what happened during the next ten years of his life, during which, the Lincolns were murdered and Zachary was kidnapped. We can only assume that it was hard for Aryan, which is why he tends to be aggressive for the smallest of things.

When he was 13, Victoria Jackson urged her parents to adopt Aryan. After adoption, The Jacksons moved to the 4th most populous city in Canada, Magenta City. Here, he befriended Lieutenant Louis Hunter and Sinead Trent. It was also towards the beginning of his first year of High school that his abilities emerged.

The Magenta Mavericks and Qualifying for the U18 Football Tournament

During the second year of high school, Aryan finally breaks into the Magenta U18 team and establishes himself as a left back/raumdeuter.

Football Stadiums are indoor stadiums filled with pumps that released negators, an invention of the late Arthur Warlock, which used the power-negating technology in handcuffs to create a gas - non-toxic and odourless - which negated the powers of valiants such as super speed - which were regarded as unethical in sports other than athletics - and thereby nullify super speed users. Other powers such as stretchiness, body armour, projectiles, etc were also negated by the other strong negation machine constructed and encapsulated inside the huge square scoreboard.

Four teams participated with the team with two losses getting eliminated.

Magenta Mavericks vs Sapphire Star-Eaters

The match finished 3-NIL with Aryan scoring on debut.

Ottawa Sharks vs Magenta Mavericks

Aryan recieved a red card at the 25th minute and was sent off.

Ottawa won the match 1-NIL with Mavericks' captain Beck scoring an own goal.

Toronto Horntails vs Magenta Mavericks

Aryan didn't play. The score was Magenta 3 (Beck 7',55',89')- 2 Toronto (Tufton 21', 77').

Ottawa Sharks vs Toronto Horntails

Ottawa lost with Toronto scoring 4 goals. The final score was Ottawa 1 (Henriksen 72') - 4 Toronto (Ibrahim 90', Marcelo 5', Tufton 25', H Singh 40'og)

Magenta Mavericks vs Ottawa Sharks

Aryan scored a hat-trick causing Magenta to win 7-NIL. This was Ottawa's second loss and they were eliminated.

Sapphire Star-Eaters won their match against Toronto with the score Sapphire e5 (Bailey 1', 20', 24', 44', Mason 119') - 4 (Tufton 22', 40', 49', 90'+4) causing Toronto to get eliminated.

Sapphire Sun-Eaters vs Magenta Mavericks

Magenta won 2-1 with Aryan (17', 90'+1) scoring the winning goal from a free kick.

Magenta, now qualified to participate with the winners of the remaining 7 groups in a North America Level Tournament.

As soon as the referee blew the whistle, a Religious faction known as the Pure Human Race, attacked the stadium, taking advantage of the negator gas in the air to hurt or kill the super powered beings or even better to kill those who were tolerant to these freaks of nature and sided themselves against God.

Tyler had previously shown Aryan the chemical components of Negator - chemical formulae x-O-CH3 - where x was the mysterious chemical Tyler refused to reveal as it was his family's secret. Aryan had memorised the chemical's physical and chemical properties and set about working on creating a compound that he could release using his constructs to render it ineffectual, in case they were used against him.

He was unable to but he had found a way to protect his bod from the negator gas. One, he wore full sleeves and wore long socks - that covered his knees - and used his constructs to create an aura that shielded him from the negator gas.

As soon as the PHR attacked, Aryan helped bring everyone to safety and launched himself onto the PHR's machines and attacked them. Aryan fought fiercely, and subdued everyone and brought back peace and the celebration moob back to the city of Sapphire.


The Revenge of Dexter Black

Emma Westwood arrives just in time to stop the Ruthless Multiplier Gang x33 from molesting and killing an innocent teenager. She fights them and is joined by Aryan in the middle who kills them all. Emma uses her abilities to discover that all the gang members had the genetic code of the same person.

A few days later, Aryan finds the headquarters of the Multiplier Gangs. He calls Imran, a former classmate and Emma there. Tyler Warlock and Louis Hunter arrive in search of Aryan, having received no word from Victoria. Tyler informs them of his sister's abduction by Dexter Black. Aryan tells Louis and Tyler, that the gang members are all clones of the same person.

Aryan goes to check on Victoria and reaches her studio to find her fighting a Giant (in Armour) and the some 20-30 Multipliers. He breaks the Giant's armour. Together Victoria and Aryan defeat the gang members and knock out the Giant.

Aryan stays with Victoria to help her repair her studio. In the evening, when Aryan takes Emma to a School Festival, Luke Enderton (Aero) appears and lifts the school's laboratory wing - which is a seperate building and is not connected to the main school building - 300 metres in the air and drops it.

Aryan immediately uses his speed to save the people trapped in the stadium. Aryan rescues every single person in the stadium and faints out of exhaustion. Later he wakes up to find that Emma had brought him home and that Victoria had thrown Emma out of the house (they hate each other). Victoria tells Bradley (Aryan's friend who helped Emma carry Aryan back home) that her friend's sister Jennifer had been kidnapped and whether he'd like to help. Aryan, Bradley and Victoria are called by Tyler as he'd found Dexter's hiding place.

Aryan, Bradley, Victoria, Tyler, Louis fight against the Multipliers and win easily. Aryan quickly smashes Dexter's leg and knocks him out. Louis calls his Dept, while Bradley and Tyler break the cell and rescue Jennifer. Aryan, Vicky and Louis hear sounds coming from inside an even more secure cell. Aryan warns Victoria as the cell breaks open and a hulking beast comes out, punches her and throws her far and wide. Aryan creates shield constructs to surround and trap him. Beast breaks them all and throws Aryan aside. Aryan sends a SOS to Imran. Imran brings Sean and Sinead. Sean and Sinead are able to construct a dome and restrict all of the them inside with the Beast. The Beast overpowers them and breaks the Dome using Aryan as a hammer. He keeps on punching Aryan - till they reach alake where Emma was - and ultimately meets his demise as Aryan is helped by Imran, Emma and Bradley to finish him off.

Ice Ice Baby

Aryan and Sinead attend an Professional Ice Skating tournament (it is a qualifier for the National Round) to watch Sinead's favourite Pro Ice Skater Mauro van Hyden and his partner Vanessa Bridges.

SInead is also a volunteer at the competition. After van Hyden's agent/brother Guido is killed and a couple of other competitiors lives are under threat, Aryan and Sinead try their best to catch the killer. They are encouraged to do so by Louis, who was assigned the case. Aryan tells Sinead that this was because Louis wanted to reduce his heavy workload.

After an attempt is made on Sinead's life leading to her hospitalization, Aryan decides to catch the killer on his own. The killer is later revealed to be Vanessa's brother Kevin who'd been blackmailing Guido with evidence of Guido's affair with his brother's wife. Kevin is revealed to have super strength. Aryan smacks him senseless and hands him over to Louis Hunter.


Aryan hears a signal coming from Jennifer's signal watch - this is when Sinead is attacked by Kevin Bridges - and arrives to see Victoria and Tyler attack Jennifer. He realises at once that the two have been possessed by someone and are attacking Jennifer. He immediately rescues Jennifer and tells her to take one of Tyler's spare suits and creates a construct - to avoid her being possessed, it looks like a hearing aid - and gives it to her and asks her to wear it on her ear and kick ass. Aryan fights and easily subdues Victoria and Tyler, while Jennifer fights whoever it was that was using Vicky and Tyler. Jennifer comes back to tell him that the bad guy had been picked up by Louis, who'd come searching for Aryan.

Louis arrests the bad guy and tells Aryan about Sinead, prompting Aryan to go to her.

Pureblood Prologue


First Encounter with Vengeance Inc.



Sinead Trent and Aryan Lincoln, I pronounce you Man and Wife

Helsing the Ultimate Hero




He is short, has light brown skin and jet black hair. He has dark circles and his hair is unkempt. On closer examnation, his hair is approximately 4 inches long. He walks with a slouch and looks at the ground while talking. He has dark brown eyes, while the whites of his eyes often fluctuate between yellow, white and crimson. His eyes look as though he has eyeliner on. He wears a white shirt with a black leather jacket.

He wears his watch on his right hand and has a ring with the initials J.K, which is doubted (by Victoria) to be the initials of his real name.

He has often faced racial slurs, for people often assume he is either Arabic or Mexican, while in reality he is actually Indian. (He even exclaims in Tamil)


He doesn't care that much for criminals and brutally bashes them up if he catches them. He has clearly evident anger issues from the 10 year period he spent with the Lincolns, though no one knows what it is except Victoria, who refuses to tell anyone what it is or does anything to stop him from venting out his frustration.

He loves to hang out with people who are smarter than him and wants to learn as much as he can about everything there is.


Aryan's powers activated during his third year of High School when Sinead was about to commit suicide by riding off a cliff.


Energy Solidification

Aryan can solidify energy into almost anything, if he knows what their various sizes, shapes, uses, weaknesses, strengths and basic materials are.

Aryan uses this ability to create weapons, shields, to huge and extravagant constructs like armies and cities.

Super Strength

Aryan at his most powerful can destroy a star in a single punch.

Super Speed

Aryan at his top speed can complete 3 rotations of the Earth in a second.

Energy Absorption

Aryan can absorb any form of radiation which isn't toxic. He however has a limit to this absorption and can only absorb more if he lets out an equal amount, like creating energy constructs.

Enhanced Senses

Aryan can see from one edge of the city to the other, can hear to a range of 10 kilometres.

Air Walking

He can walk on air but cannot use this ability alongside Super Speed.


He does not have invulnerability and can easily tire himself.

He has a weakness for water and fire based attacks.

He cannot run fast if he is in contact with Helium. Helium tends to explode when he runs fast, and is a clear indicator of whether he is in close vicinity.

He can be easily put under a magic spell as he has very low magical tolerance.

Rogues Gallery

Dexter Black (MR. NEGATIVE)

Dexter Black hated Tyler Warlock and Emma Westwood's parents who had denied him the right to inherit his elder brother's $2Bn Company.

Aryan first met Dexter when he went along with Tyler and the others to rescue Tyler's younger sister Jennifer.

Dexter is the first incarcerated criminal that Aryan kills during the start of the Pureblood War.

Luke Enderton (AERO)

Luke Enderton, the british telekinetic assassin for hire first appeared during the Dexter Black Arc and tried to kill hundreds of people by dropping a laboratory wing of a school.

He is one of the various prisoners who escape Aryan's Prison Genocide at the beginning of Pureblood War. He forms the Vengeful Inc. along with Randy Manaken (his cousin's husband).

Alan Harrington (THE TRUE SON OF GOD)

Alan Harrington is the person who kicks off Pureblood War by dropping a nuclear bomb on Germany and pinning the blame on Turkey (the Country) who had dropped the bomb (allegedly) to kill Aryan who had killed the Turkish Prime Minister's Wife (Allegedly).

Alan has a magical sword which can trap people inside a pocket dimension. He also desires to incite chaos and learn more about the Human race through his hateful actions.

Alan is a distant cousin of Dexter Black and Tyler's father Arthur Warlock. He has also blackmailed a member of the Dutch Royal Family into a sexual affair with him and has also assassinated (indirectly) almost 15 leaders of different political backgrounds. He is also a self confessed paedophile and is bisexual.

Alan was however killed by Aryan who drove a spike into Alan's head.

Lana Bruins (INFLAMA)

Lana Bruins is a shopaholic who took to theivery and other small misdemeanours after going bankrupt. She was put in the same prison as other super powered criminals after using her latent pyrokinetic abilities to kill fifteen school children (by accident). She was arrested by Louis Hunter in the outskirts of Magenta City after she'd made a run for it from the States. She was ready to be killed by Aryan during the latter's rampage, but was spared when Aryan felt that she looked like someone he knew.

SInead later revealed that Lana was the granddaughter of her grandfather's cousin who had eloped with his dutch lover (who was a hooker). Lana was prepared to turn a new leaf when her boyfriend Patrick was killed by Luke Enderton (who pinned the blame on Aryan) causing her to join the Vengeance Inc.

She is the only person, other than Zachary Helsing, to have defeated Aryan in a 1v1 battle due to Aryan's Weakness.

Lana made peace with Aryan after he saved her during the Invasion Arc and even attended the wedding of Wesley Swart and Cassette Holmes (Aryan was her legal guardian after both her parents had been killed).

Enjou Takumi-3 (SPEED GOD)

The real Enjou Takumi was a well respected CEO of Enjou Pharmaceuticals. He was 52 years old when the news of his affair with the wife of his rival company's CEO was leaked to the press. After being attacked by henchmen belonging to the RIval CEO, he underwent the same experiment as Randy Manaken. The experiment however had a different effect on Takumi and gave him the ability to split himself into 5 different people. They were reffered to as Takumi-1,2 and so on. The henchmen of the Rival CEO killed Takumi-4 and reported on their success. Takumi-1 got super strength, Takumi-2 had enhanced senses, Takumi-3 had super speed, Takumi-4 resembled the original Takumi, and Takumi -5 was highly intelligent. All 4 remaining Takumi had de-aged and were physically 25 but had all of Takumi's memories and experience. The 4 remaining Takumi decided to kill the rival and started living lives as mercenaries.

Takumi-1,2 and 5 were killed by Victoria when they tried to kill her daughter Cassette. Takumi-3 escaped and claimed that he would exact revenge on her by not killing her daughter but by killing the man who she affectionately thought of as a son, Aryan.

He would later join the Vengeance Inc. as he is promised Lana by Luke Enderton (if he kills Aryan).

Zachary Helsing

Zachary Helsing is Aryan's step brother.


Vinny Peace is a bouncer who is fired after he accidently allows a cop to get away with evidence of illegal drugs being sold to underage children in thir club. The cop is later killed by Vinny as revenge but the damage is done by the time.

King Stivyan Durara

Chief Scientist Ardravyan Durara

General Shaatoran Durara

General Aquaraega Durara