• K Gouki

    • F*CK YOU!
    • Shall I f*ck you up? Or shall I just f*ck you?
    • Zinga Zinga Zoo, F*CK YOU TOO!

    Furax tends and always will be ANGRY and INSANE! He uses everything with madness to the core, and goes ballistic on everything. Furax will kill anything in his way; however, he has a sweet spot’’ for baby toys and pacifiers…..

    In the beginning of time, 2 boys, Cain and Abel, loved to serve God. God always took and appreciated Abel and his givings, but did not appreciate Cain.

    Cain was very furious. He was jealous that Abel was accepted.

    One day, Cain brought Abel down to the field. Cain then, after leading him, slaughtered his own brother in a malicious manner. Cain then thought that God would appreciate him then.

    Later, God asked Cain where is Abel. Ca…

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