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Ozymandias as a human

  • ==Name: Ozymandias==
  • ==Alias: Ra's Desciple==
  • ==Alignment: Lawful Good==
  • ==Age: Unknown==
  • ==Gender: Male ==
  • ==Likes: Peace and Order==
  • ==Dislikes: War and Chaos==
  • ==Species: Phoenix==
  • ==Hobbies: Foreign Travel==
  • ==Occupation: Protector           ==
  • ==Powers    ==

Egyptian God Phoenix

Ozymandias in his true form

 Order Manipulation: Ozymandias can control all orderly forces be they natural or supernatural.

Fire Manipulation: As a Phoenix Ozymandias has control over fire.   

Shapeshifting: He can take on various forms but usually he prefers to be in human form. 

Light Manipulation: He possesses powerful Photokinetic abilities.

Summoning: He can sommon various creatures, objects, beings etc, to assist him.

Banishment: When the situation calls for it Ozymandias can banish anything that is within his power to banish. 

Fusionism: Ozymandias can fuse things (including himself) with next to no limits. 

Phoenix Physiology: His true form is a Phoenix.


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