Power Man is a super-hero, and a homo-superior. Power Man's ability is telekinesis. Power Man is an advanced user. Power Man doesn't use a costume. When Power Man is active, he wears blue jeans, a dark hoodie, and very dark sunglasses. Power Man doesn't use a mask. Power Man's real name is Philip J LaPrad. Power Man's hometown is New York City. Power Man's first arch-nemesis was a super-villan nicknamed Time Bomb. Time Bomb's abilities are Radition Generation and Enhanced Healing.

In one story and event, Time Bomb threatened to destroy New York City with the application Nuclear Explosion Inducement. Time Bomb only wanted attention. Time Bomb wanted the United States to end the Iraq and Afhganistan War. Since Time Bomb has a Superpower, Time Bomb wanted to use this to his advantage, so he had the courage to threaten a major American city because the U.S. had commited so many crimes against humanity in its wars. Time Bomb was a poltiics fanatic. Time Bomb had caused so many radioactive explosions in many other smaller American cities. This is how Time Bomb received attention.

The United State's government had previously tried to kill Time Bomb, but The U.S. government couldn't damage Time Bomb since Time Bomb's Healing Factor always regenerated Time Bomb. Since Power Man had an ability. Power Man decided that the right thing to do was to stop Power Man from destroying more cities. Time Bomb could fight the government's forces with his sub-abiltiies, Disintegration, Elecromagnetic Pulse Emission, Heat Generation, Light Generation, Melting, Nuclear Explosion Inducement and Radioactive Vision. All these sub-powers allowed Time Bomb to defeat all the U.S. government's forces.

Power Man has already had experience with his power, telekinesis. Power Man only had to confront Time Bomb in order to attempt to stop Time Bomb.

Power Man eventually discovered Time Bomb's current location. Time Bomb had already and perviously used  Nuclear Explosion Inducement on several small American cities. This was Power Man's first encounter with a super-villan. Power Man had never before tried to be a vigilante. Power Man encountered Time Bomb in Time Square. The main streets were crowded with the National Guard, and law enformement agents. Power Man thought he might become a celebrity if he fought Time Bomb in public, but Power Man continued to try to prevent Time Bomb from causing his most powerful explosion yet.

Time Bomb became intimidated at first because he had never had encountered another superhuman. Time Bomb knew he wouldn't recieve his demands ever, so Time Bomb became insane, and he vowed to destroy Manhatann. Power Man was only using Telekinetic Flight above the ground easily. Power Man easily overpowered Time Bomb. Power Man only had to use Telekinetic Blast, and Telekinetic Manuever. With Telekinetic Manuever, Power Man was able to deflect most of Time Bomb's attacks. Power Man enhanced his strength with his Power, and then he started jabbing at Time Bomb. Time Bomb knew Power Man could shield himself from any explosion, so this was one of Time Bomb's downfalls. Power Man quickly subdued Time Bomb. Power Man knew that Time Bomb's psychotic nature will always have Time Bomb be a constant threat, so Power Man quickly used Telekinetic Cut to decapitate Time Bomb.