• Jorge.vasquez.50

    Power Man

    November 25, 2014 by Jorge.vasquez.50

    Power Man is a super-hero, and a homo-superior. Power Man's ability is telekinesis. Power Man is an advanced user. Power Man doesn't use a costume. When Power Man is active, he wears blue jeans, a dark hoodie, and very dark sunglasses. Power Man doesn't use a mask. Power Man's real name is Philip J LaPrad. Power Man's hometown is New York City. Power Man's first arch-nemesis was a super-villan nicknamed Time Bomb. Time Bomb's abilities are Radition Generation and Enhanced Healing.

    In one story and event, Time Bomb threatened to destroy New York City with the application Nuclear Explosion Inducement. Time Bomb only wanted attention. Time Bomb wanted the United States to end the Iraq and Afhganistan War. Since Time Bomb has a Superpower, Timeā€¦

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