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  • Cook Manipulation: The power/ability to cook Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins and minerals, Water, Roasting, Boiling, Frying, Smoking without any training. The power/ability to cook any food from the whole worlds/continents/states without training.
  • Bake Manipulation: The power/ability to bake any pastries from the whole world/continent/state without training.
  • Recipe Manipulation: The power/ability to know all recipes from looking at a recipe or a certain recipe and the power/ability to have all of the recipes from the whole world/continent/states without training and to learn different languages from recipes without training.
  • Cookbook Manipulation: The power/ability to read and learn different types/kinds of cookbooks throughout the whole world/continent/state If the cookbook has different languages the user can decipher/cipher it and turn it in English and cook the food faster without any training.

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