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clay mimicry

The user can:

Wet Mud Mimicry form: The user can have all the wetness and all the mud of the whole body

Dry Clay Mimicry form: Invulnerability and to have supernatural strength/enhanced strength.

Wet Clay Mimicry form: To have attack absorption, constriction, Enhanced Flexibility/Elasticity to engulf people male/boys, To have Malleable Anatomy.

Wet Mud Mimicry form: The user has a lot of wetness and to have the traits and qualities of mud/wet mud. To have moist, heavy, gooey.slimy, oozy wet mud to make other people that is close to the user's personal domain and area to put mud on where the people are walking on and make the people to slip and fall and when the people slip and fall the user with the mud with them in the mud the user can grab the people like males/boys and grab them and cover them all in mud and the user puts the males/boys whole body's in mud and the user is going to trap them in the mud never to get out of it.

Quicksand Mimicry form: To have the traits and qualities of quicksand to have the moist and heavy and thick quicksand to make other people sink in your form of quicksand. Make them never to get out of it.

The user can have the enhanced regeneration by drawing the element to fill the wounds.

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