There are a few more dreams that I had since I was a little girl, here is another one. I am in this bar drinking and these men are talking to me and the conversation turns to dreams , first they tell me their dreams ,one of the men tell me he often wondered what it would be like to be forced feminized and later on be turn into a full women,then the others start a few of them have the same dream on haveing a heirum and to sleep with a different women everynight, then the last three told me their dreams and these three said they would love to take a woman somw where and gang-bang her for three months and turn her into their prosititude. Then they asked me what would any of mine dreams be so I told them I have had this dream for awhile, in it I am talking to someone and we are next to this vatof something and I am pushed into it . Once as I am completely covered I am pulled out on this hook and Then the hook is removed but just for a second and it is put back into me but this time it is in my ass an another one is in my pussy and I am now pulled into the air.

I am left there for a couple of days until this stuff is rock hard and I am encased in it and I can not move at all. Then I am lower down aways and they fill my pussy with this stuff and do the same to my ass then shove me onto this spindel and and an another one called as stablizer in my assbut now they cut where my mouth was and shove a hose down my throat and start to pump me full untill it comes out my mouth. It does not stop there they pump full my ear and noose then I am carried over with the rods in me with one longer than the other and the longer one as groves on it , It fits into the gears and a horseshoe clip is fastend to hold it in.

This is to be my new life as I am to be one of the mens daughters music box dancer, The man who daughter I am going to belong to cranks the music box and I start to move like a dancer up and down on my tiptoes. then all the men say don't she lok so perfect like this  and they all agree that now they have to make one for their daughters or they would never here the end of it.