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November 5, 2013
  • Jessica humphrey

    music box Jessica

    November 5, 2013 by Jessica humphrey

    There are a few more dreams that I had since I was a little girl, here is another one. I am in this bar drinking and these men are talking to me and the conversation turns to dreams , first they tell me their dreams ,one of the men tell me he often wondered what it would be like to be forced feminized and later on be turn into a full women,then the others start a few of them have the same dream on haveing a heirum and to sleep with a different women everynight, then the last three told me their dreams and these three said they would love to take a woman somw where and gang-bang her for three months and turn her into their prosititude. Then they asked me what would any of mine dreams be so I told them I have had this dream for awhile, in it…

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  • Jessica humphrey

    being a manniquin

    November 5, 2013 by Jessica humphrey

    I am jessica humphrey and I have had this dream since I was a young girl. I have dreamed of being kidnapped, through in a van and taken to this out of the way place miles from anywhere. Once the van stops and we are in this old factory six men come to the van and grab me and take me to this room and place me on this table and fastend me to this table . my legs are fastend really tight into a perfect split, my hands and arms are done the same way they now fasten this thing around my neck so my head is hanging over the table.

    Next they stay an iv in my arm and I start to fall asleep from the iv but I can still hear them talking and they are saying they need to get started on the operation to start turning me into a manniquine and their is not…

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