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mechanical generation

Mechanical Generation

Capability: The user can generate all mechanical objects and the user can use the mechanical objects that the user generated

Variation of Dermal Armor, Mechanical Intuition,

Mechanical Machines Mechanical Objects: The user can generate all mechanical machines and the user can generate all objects that is made up of mechanicals

Mechanical Armor: The user can have the hard like mechanical skin that looks like real skin but harder and harder to injury and harder to kill and very hard to puncture and harder and harder to hurt and harder and harder for damage to the skin

Mechanical Mind: The user can have the mind of all mechanic objects that works with electricity the user can have the mind of the mechanic objects and the user can have the mind to talk to all mechanic objects just like talking to a normal person 

Mechanical Teleportation: The user can teleport and the user can travel through a mechanical machine and go to the destination that the user wants to go  

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