The user can:

Swimmer Mimicry: The user can and physically become a swimmer or be a enhanced swimmer in a pool or a ocean and if the user is becoming a swimmer the user might be in the forms of a male or a female swimmer to fully swim in the male and the female form to enhance the swimming skills

Speed Swimming: The user can speed swim in a pool or a ocean the legs of the user can be part of the speed

Enhanced Swimming: The user can swim any length and fully swim any channels if the user wants to fully swim in any depths of the pool or the ocean

Walking/Running on Water: The user can walk on water or run on water on different speeds and the user can run or walk on water without getting wet and without going in the water the user can be on the surface of bodies of water and the user's legs when they go on the water the water is solid underneath the legs and don't move

Water Surfing: The user can surf on water and be professional about surfing on water and the user can have perfect balance for surfing on the water with a board underneath the user's legs and the user's brain knows how to surf and know all the techniques and know all the features of surfing when the user is surfing on the water with a board underneath the user's legs