The ability to spy, communicate and do a surveillance using the element of a solid or any form of solid and the subatance of a solid.

Combination of Earth Manipulation and Rock Manipulation/Crystal Manipulation/Volcano Manipulation/Land Manipulation variations of earth, solid


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The user can communicate with anyone in the world wherever there is rocks and crystals and volcano and earth or any form of solid whether it has mixed with other substance or not. As long as the earth and volcano and land and crystal and rock or solid is more dominant, the power is possible to be used.


  • The user can communicate using solid mixed with sand or earth substance like the mud.
  • The user is also capable of communicate whenever there's a animals on the land or the humans on the land.
  • Any solid/earth form will become a screen-like image that will allow the user to see anyone or any event that is happening around them.
  • The user can tap into the earth and connect with a person anywhere else.
  • The earth and solid can be used even if it's dirty, unclear or with other substances included.
  • The user can communicate and connect to a relative or a family bloodline/member using their own blood by activating it as sound signals.
  • The user can also user their own blood or the blood of the others if they want a communication to happen. The communication may be done when the blood is extracted from the user's body or the others body. An open wound or a small cut for example.