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Solid Proof

Solid Proof

To be unbreakable and to withstand anything 

Power/Ability: To be nonbreakable and to be able to withstand anything

Also Called

Thick skin

Thick head

Thick skeleton

Thick Human Body

Thick Skeleton Structure


The user's whole skeleton structure and the user's whole human body and the user's human shape and curvature is very hard and very solid and very thick. The user's whole skeleton/body/shape/curvature is unbreakable so that the user is nonbreakable. The user is resistant to all attacks and to all harm, pain, temperature extremes, bullets, and gunfires. 


Supernaturally Dense Tissue 


Hot Immunity

Cold Immunity

Elemental Immunity 

Weather Proof

Disease Immunity

Radiation Immunity

Poison Immunity

Acid Immunity

Aerokinetic Immunity

Electrical Immunity

Fire Immunity

Explosion Immunity

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