Omni Armor

Capabilities: The user can have an armor like skin like bullet proof skin or have an elemental skin like armor to be immune to all or highly resistance to all bullets and gunfires and high caliber bullets 

Variations of Demal Armor, Supernaturally Dense Tissue Invulnerability 

Also Called

Impenetrable Skin

Thick Skin

Tough Skin

Bullet Immunity

Fire Immunity

Electricity Immunity

Temperature Immunity

Weather Immunity

Capabilities: The user's skin becomes resistant to attack or to harm or to injury


Thermal Resistance

Cold Proof Skin

Fireproof Skin




Chemical Absorption

DNA Absorption

Elemental Absorption

Electricity Absorption

Fire Absoprtion

Heat Absorption

Water Absorption

Water Absorption

Moisture Absorption

Impact Absorption

Matter Absorption

Solar Radiation Absorption

Elemental Skin: The user use the elements to use for the users skin like skin like bullet proof skin and the user uses this for the users skin so that the user will be able to immune to all or highly resistance to all bullets and gun fires and high caliber bullets and any object that is dangerous

Water Skin: The user can have water like skin and the user's water like skin is flexible and reflexible

  • Air Skin
  • Fire Skin
  • Metal Skin
  • Plasma Skin
  • Wood Skin
  • Stone Skin
  • Liquid Skin


Supernaturallly Dense Tissue