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Male/canine counterpart

Male/ canine Counterpart If the user is a male the user in the male form can use the canine appearance, physical appearance and the strength of a canine and to use the canine counterpart

Male Counterpart: The user can have and can use the male form to have the features and the appearance of the male form and to have a head and to have limbs like feet and fingers and arms and legs and cam have the full skeletal formation of a male and to have the skeletal system and to have bones but the male has the perspective and point of view of the canine counterpart and in the male counterpart the user can have invulnerability and indestructible

Canine Counterpart: The user can have the canine form and all the features of a canine and to have the appearance of a canine and the user can gain in the canine form is to have: Enhanced Strength, Canine Awareness, Canine Speed, Canine Strength Enhanced Regeneration, Canine perspective, Canine Point of view and can develop fur if the user in the canine counterpart is cold or freezing, the user in the canine counterpart can withstand extreme coldness and extreme hotness the user in the canine counterpart can be indestructible and invulnerability and very hard to kill in the canine counterpart

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