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Human Language Intuition

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Human Language Intuition

To be able to be hardwired and to speak and to communicate and talk into all human languages 

Power/Ability: To be able to talk/speak/communicate with all human languages and to use it to speak to people in the world 





Multi cultural language

Also Called

Human talking/speaking

Human Communication

Enhanced Intelligence

Peak Human Intelligence

Supernatural Intelligence


The user is able to speak/talking/communicating to all humans in the world to be able to talk and speak in all of their native languages to be able to talk and speak to them. The user can be able to speak all mandarin, spanish, english, old english, british, hindi, arabic, portuguese, bengali, russian, japanese, punjabi, german, wu, malaysian,indonesian, telugu, vietnamese, icelandic, korean, french, marathi, tamil, urdu, persian, turkish, polish, italian, cantonese, thai, gujarati, jin, min nan, pashto, kannada, xiang, malayalam,sundanese, hausa, oriya, burmese, hakka, urkranian, bhojpuri, tagalog, yoruba, maithili, swahili, uzbek, sindhi, amharic, fula, romanian, oromo, igbo, azerbahijani, dutch, swedish, and american sign language to talk to people in the world,  

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