Human Cloning

To be able to copy an exact replica/personality of a person using only their hair, fingernails, toe nails, saliva, blood sample, and urine

Power/Ability: To clone humans by using their cells from inside of a person to get their DNA

Also Called

Human Twins

Human Personality 


The user can be able to clone a second copy of the first person from far away or from distance. The user can look or touch the first person to be able to create or make the second clone. The user can create the second clone of the first person from the first person's body parts or the limbs of the first person. 


Two Offspring: Twins 

Three Offspring: Triplets

Four Offspring: Quadruplets

Five Offspring: Quintuplets

Six Offspring: Sextuplets

Seven Offspring: Septuplets

Eight Offspring: Octuplets

Nine Offspring: Nonuplets

Ten Offspring: Decaplets

Eleven Offspring: Undecaplets

Twelve Offspring: Duedecaplets