Human Beings Manipulation/Generation

Capability: The user can manipulate Human Beings and the user can both manipulate and generate Human Beings


Appendage Generation: Generate extra body parts either on one's body or other surfaces/Generate extra appendages

Additional Limbs: Grow or possesses more limbs or body parts/Possess or grow additonal limbs

Biological Manipulation: Control all aspects of a living creatures biological makeup/Influence the cell of biotic organisms

Auxillary Organs: Possess a secondary copy of an internal organ

Mouth Manifestation: Develop or have functioning mouths/Develop functioning mouths/Generate functioning mouth

Multiple Arms: Have more then two functioning arms/Have more than two working functioning arms

Multple Fingers: Have more than two functioning fingers/Have more than two working functioning fingers

Multple Toes: Have more than two toes/Have more than two working/functioning toes

Multiple Legs: Have more than two functioning legs/Have more than two working functioning legs

Multiple Eyes: Have more than two functioning eyes/Have more than two working eyes

Multiple Hands, Have more than two functioning hands/Have more than two working hands/Generate functioning hands

Multiple Palms: Have more than two functioning palms/Have more than two working palms/Generate functioning palms

Age Manipulation: Control the age of organisms and non living objects

Mutiple Thumbs: Have more than two functioning thumbs/Have more than two working thumbs/Generate functioning thumbs

Multiple Hearts: Have more than two functioning hearts/Have more than two working hearts/Generate functioning hearts

Hair Manipulation: Manipulate hair of oneself or others/Control and manipulate hairs

Nail Manipulation: Manipulate nails of oneself or others and use them as weapons/Manipulate nails

Eye Color Manipulation: Change eye colors of oneself or others/change eye colors

Bodily Gas Manipulation: Ability to control the burps and farts/Release/Expel the gasses of the body to often noxious effect

Body Manipulation: Manipulate body/Manipulate any aspect of the bodies of oneself or others/Manipulate body

Body Temperature Manipulation: Control the body temperature of onself and others/Control body temperature

Dermal Armor: Develop armor-like skin/Manifest or possess armor-like skin

Coporeal Evacuation: Induce bodily excretions in oneself or others/Induce onself or others to bodily excrete

DNA Manipulation: Manipulate DNA

Enhanced Condition: Remain in the peak physicaland/or mental condition of user's species with little or no maintaining

Enhanced Regeneration: Heal rapidly from any physical injury/Heal rapidily from any external injury

Environmental Adaptation: Survive and adapt to a environment/Survive and adapt to your environement

Evolution Manipulation: Control the stages of Evolution/Control Evolution

Healing: Restore biotic organisms to their optimal health

Health Manipulation: Manipulate health/Manipulate health and the healing process

Internal Bodily Cleansing: Cleanse others of bodily impurities/Cleanse impurities from the bodys of others

Mitosis Manipulation: Control the life process of Mitosis/Control Mitosis

Pulse Manipulation: Sense, manipulate and interact with a pulse/Influence various forms of pulse waves

Cleanliness Manipulation: Manipulate cleanliness/Control and manipulate cleanliness

Body Chemistry Manipulation: Manipulate the chemicals within body/Manipulate the chemicals within oneself or others

Joint Manipulation: Control the joints in the one's own or others in the human body

Brain Manipulation: Control every aspects of a human brain to manipulate the brain

Respiratory System Manipulation: Control Lungs and the respiratory system of oneself and others

Hormone Manipulation: Manipulate all hormones of oneself or others/ Manipulate/Control all types of hormones

Blood Manipulation: Control and manipulate blood of oneself or of others/Manipulate blood

Eye Manifestation: Develop eyes or have eyes/to generate eyes and to generate eyeballs

Immue System Manipulation: Manipulate a persons Immune System/manipulate a subjects immune system by weakening it or strengthening it