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Entertainment Generation

Entertainment Generation

Generate all entertainment

Capabilities The user can can generate all entertainment from DVDs to CDs to any entertainment that the user wants and needs

Variations The user can generate all DVDs The user can generate all CDs The user can generate all TV show DVDs The user can generate all literature and the user can generate books The user can generate all music The user can generate all digital objects like a (Iphone, Printer, Mouse for a computer,etc)


Creating a box in the air: The user can create a square like box in the air and that box square like can be behind the DVDs,CDs or a TV show DVDs,literature,books,music cds and digital objects shelves behind the object like if the objects is being next to the wall or behind any surface that is where the box is or the box like square can be in the bottom of the object and the user has got to do is say any object name or a title of the book or the name of a DVD or a name of a CD or the name of the TV show DVDs or the name of the digital objects or the name of music cds then the box can find the object fast and the box can be in different forms like a circle or a lot of shapes and then the object that the user said can go down the shapes of the box or the object can suck down into the box and then the object can travel to the place where is the user is in school or home or at a hotel or anywhere the user is and then the object may appear to the user in the entrance of the box and then the user can reach in and take the object and do whatever with the object