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Enhanced Smartness/Calculations

Enhanced Smartness/Calculations

Capabilities: The user has immense smartness and the user has immense calculations User can immediately conceive complex calculations and the user can immediately conceive complex smartness and other factors on calculations/smartness 

Variation of: Enhanced Intelligence 


All Cookbooks smartness (Cookbooks intelligence)

All Calculators smartness (Calculators intelligence)

Computer smartness (Computer intelligence)

Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)

Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)

  • Language Intelligence (All foreign languages smart)
  • Rosetta Stone Intelligence (All Rosetta Stones languages smart)

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Math Intelligence Subtraction Intelligence Addition Intelligence Algebra Intelligence Arithmatic Intelligence Multiplication Intelligence Division Intelligence Geometry Intelligence Calculus Intelligence Higher Arithmatic Intelligence Higher Subtraction Intelligence Higher Addition Intelligence Higer Algebra Intelligence Higher Arithmatic Intelligence Higher Multiplication Intelligence Higher Division Intelligence Higher Geometry Intelligence Higher Calculus Intelligence Higher Science Intelligence)

Chemistry Intelligence (Chemistry Smartness)

Science Intelligence (Science Smartness

Naturalist Smart (Nature Smartness)

Musical Intelligence (Music Smartness)

Animal Intelligence (Animal Smartness)

Animal Language Intelligence (Animal Language Smartness)

Human Intelligence (Human Smartness)

Human Language Intelligence (Human Language Smartness)

Job Intelligence (Job Smartness)

Faunal/Mammal/Amphibian/Reptile/Arachnid/Avian/Fish/Cold blooded/Warm Blooded Smartness/Intelligence

Word Intelligence (Word Smartness

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