aka Blaine Anderson

  • I live in Forks, Washington
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is singer/dancer
  • I am male
  • Jeremiahdiskint

    Dick growth

    September 24, 2015 by Jeremiahdiskint

    Dick growth

    The power to grow dicks anywhere and any size on the user's body


    The user can have the power of growing dicks on their bodies with any size they choose small, medium, large (big). They choose the density of their dicks, lightfeeling, thick, hard. They choose how long the dicks grow short, medium length, very long. 

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  • Jeremiahdiskint

    Music/Film knowledge

    September 24, 2015 by Jeremiahdiskint

    Music/Film Knowledge

    The power to knowledge all forms of music and forms of films

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  • Jeremiahdiskint

    Special Needs Physiology

    Power/Ability to: 


    The user becomes in the state of wanted and unwanted some of the body parts becomes weak some other body parts inside of the user like the brain becomes weak and unfunctional but the user will still have friendships/relationships to other people. The user will know how to provide medication only if the medication is with them. 


    Medical intuition 

    Health Manipulation 

    Biological Manipulation 

    Perspective Manipulation

    Difference Manipulation 

    List of all Special Needs


    Asperger Syndrome 


    Cerebal Palsy



    Down Syndrome 

    Hearing loss 

    Lou Gerhig Syndrome 


    Memory loss (old) (young)

    Obesity (fat) 

    Short term/long term memory loss (old) (young)

    Thyoid Problem 

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  • Jeremiahdiskint

    100 percent brain usage

    The ability to use 100% of the brain's mass increasing the strength of the user's brain 

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  • Jeremiahdiskint

    Lyrics Intuition

    Instantly learn and understand all lyrics 

    Lyric Intelligence 

    Lyric knowlege/understanding 

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